GLOW Enrichment Committees – Jan 2022

For the GLOW Enrichment program to continue we will need a couple active parent committees to take over arranging classes for the sessions and chaperoning the sessions.

  • Class Planning Committee
  • Chaperone Committee

Starting in January 2022 the City of Charleston will no longer be arranging the enrichment classes for the GLOW Enrichment program. The city is experiencing a staffing shortage. They will continue to rent us the facility on Thursdays if we wish to continue the program ourselves.

GLOW Enrichment provides affordable, progressive, educational programs for our homeschool members in a safe space where parents can drop off their students. The goal is for students to learn as a group in classes that have a 6-8 weekly progression.

Class Planning Committee

The Class Planning Committee will plan 4 classes to accommodate the Elementary and Middle School groups.

  • The classes will be 6-8 week progressive classes.
  • The committee will work with a GLOW Events Board on budget, program pricing, and class approval.
  • The GLOW Events board will work with the City of Charleston on facility rental.
  • The GLOW Events board will promote the program, register families, collect payment, manage grant funds, pay educators and the facility.

Sample GLOW Enrichment Schedule

Chaperone Committee

We need help making sure an adult is with the Elementary and Middle School groups at all times and need parent volunteers. We need 2 chaperones from start of day to end of day.

The Chaperone Committee will oversee the parent chaperoning of GLOW Enrichment.

  • The committee chair will have access to the parent chaperone volunteer signup dashboard to monitor if enough volunteers have signed up.
  • Each member of the Chaperone Committee is committing to sign up for at least 2 chaperone blocks during the session.
  • The committee will discuss the upcoming week and review the past week to see if any changes are needed.
  • We need enough members on the chaperone committee before a scheduled GLOW Enrichment session starts.

Volunteers will be scheduled in half-day blocks with 2 chaperones per block – one for elementary and one for middle school. Parents may take a whole day by signing up for both time blocks on the same day.

  • 9:00 – 11:15
  • 11:15 – 1:30

Parent volunteers need to be aware of where their student group is at all times.  The chaperone does not need to be in class at all times but should check on them periodically and stay if there are any issues. When the student group leaves the classroom the chaperone will need to make sure the students are where they need to be – playground, field, pickleball court, heading to next class, etc.

Middle School and Elementary should not be on the playground at the same time.  If Elementary is outside, Middle School students need to vacate the playground area and move to the field or basketball court.