South Carolina Homeschooling Requirements

FIRST – Get Legal

The state of South Carolina has 3 Options for homeschooling:

Option 1 – Local public school at home

Parents may homeschool their children under the auspices of a school district, IF approved by the board of trustees. Instructional time is at least 4.5 hours per day. Curriculum and record keeping must be approved by your school district. Students must participate in annual statewide testing.

Option 2 – SCAIHS – South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools

Join SCAIHS and follow their academic requirements.

Option 3 – Minimal requirements. Join an Option 3 Accountability Association.

Parents choose a homeschool association that works best for their family. The association must have at least 50 members and meet the the legal homeschool requirements. The SC Department of Education conducts an annual review of the Association rather than the individual families. Each year the option 3 associations report the number and grade level of children in their membership to the local school districts.

Option 3 minimum requirements:

  1. A parent must have a high school diploma or GED.
  2. The school year has at least 180 days.
  3. Core subjects covered must include (but are not limited to)
    • Reading  (Literature in grades 7-12)
    • Writing  (Composition in grades 7-12)
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  4. Educational records are kept by the parents and include:
    • A journal or plan book showing subjects and activities
    • A portfolio with samples of academic work
    • Progress reports twice a year including attendance and progress in each of the basic subject areas