GLOW’s philosophy is to make the our events a good experience for everyone involved. We call this the Win-Win-Win.

A Win for GLOW Members

Of course we want members to enjoy going to events! GLOW is a low pressure organization – members can participate in as much or as little as they want. We strive to make the event information clear and choose appropriate fun and educational things to do. We negotiate discounts and do things that are affordable. We have worked toward making more events available with enough spots for everyone and have minimized problems with events filling too fast. GLOW also strives to be a resource for homeschoolers that lasts throughout the years.

A Win for GLOW Organizers & Leaders

GLOW depends on members who organize events and step up to leadership. In the early years of GLOW we saw a lot of leader burn-out due mostly to no-shows & last-minute cancellations, and people feeling a lot of pressure to schedule a bunch of events. GLOW’s structure today allows any member to organize an event. All organizers are required to charge at least $1 extra per family or person that they keep. We have built-in tools to review events and have leaders available to mentor members new at scheduling an event. Event organizing is low pressure with no one required to schedule. You can step up and you can step down. Members who regularly contribute and join the leadership team get free annual membership and a vote in overall GLOW policies.

A Win for Destinations, Venues & Vendors

GLOW also wants the places and people who provide field trips and events to have a good experience. We promote good communication, and when we rsvp a headcount, we show up and pay for as many people as we rsvp. GLOW’s Code of Conduct for events provides guidelines for good behavior and interactions. We want GLOW to have a positive image in our community and promote a good image for homeschoolers in general. And it’s working! People are starting to contact GLOW directly asking if we would like to do a field trip with them.