Benefits and Services

GLOW Accountability Association is a South Carolina Option 3 homeschool association. We are open to all South Carolina homeschool families. Our purpose is to provide support and accountability as required by SC Code of Law Section 59-65-47 with minimum restrictions and requirements placed on your family. 

Our Benefits and Services include…

  • Accountability for Option 3 homeschooling as required by South Carolina state law.
  • Minimally invasive accountability with minimum restrictions. Curriculum, learning materials, and teaching methods are the parent’s choice – approval is not needed. Parents are responsible for keeping all documentation records and do not need to send them to GLOW.
  • Membership letters & ID cards are currently being emailed twice a week. (Use your letter to withdraw from school.)
  • Online registration and forms for fast processing. Secure website.
  • Information and reminders via email.
  • Consult with experienced members online, by phone, or in person.
  • Member-only private Facebook support group.
  • Accountability membership period is July 1 – June 30.
  • See sample progress reports, plan books, journals from real members.
  • Free DIY forms for progress reports and transcripts.
  • High School Transcript Service – a la carte.
  • Transfer Report Cards with the GLOW Accountability Association seal – a la carte.
  • Member Directory. See who is in your accountability group in the membership directory.
  • Starting in September 2022 – Mentorship program for new homeschool parents – a ala carte.

Need help getting started?

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