Junior Achievement Inspire Virtual – Spring 2022

Virtual Career Fair & More for Middle School and High School

  • Students currently in Grades 6-12 may register.
  • Open to GLOW Events and GLOW Accountability members.
  • March 7th Virtual doors open and students may explore for 90 days or until June 3rd 
  • March 17th & May 19th – representatives will be available to engage and answer questions about jobs in their company.

March 17th & May 19th 2022, company representatives will be available to engage with your students and answer questions about jobs within their company.

Each student will receive: 

  • A digital workbook with 5 short pre-event lessons that can be self-guided, or teacher led 
  • A digital backpack that will collect all the documents and videos students want to save 
  • Unlimited access to JA Inspire Virtual for 90 days

There are three lessons before the mid-March virtual career fair and a couple sessions as follow up. Students can collect materials they are interested in a virtual backpack, as well as email links or files to their own or a parent’s email account to have in the future.

JA will provide unique access credentials for each student. They will schedule an orientation Zoom, and periodic Zoom “check-ins” between the student’s self guided material. The platform for the career fair is pretty awesome, and may have as many as 60 companies for students to choose from amongst the virtual booths. Businesses are loading all kinds of handouts and videos.

2 Program Levels are designed to help launch students into their future:

  • Middle School — help launch students into high school, postsecondary education, and careers beyond.
  • High School — help launch students into postsecondary education and their careers.

Program Sessions (see PDF links below for full details)

  • Session 1: Career Interest and Your Path
  • Session 2: Career Planning and Your Path
  • Session 3: Preparing to Meet Your Future
  • Session 4: Local Business Means Opportunity
  • Session 5: Learn from the Experts
  • Session 6: Welcome to JA Inspire Virtual
  • Session 7: JA Inspire Personal Reflection